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What is MYOB Practice?

A set of online collaboration tools for accountants and bookkeepers to manage daily tasks with everything in one place. Want to know more? Read all about MYOB Practice.

Before you start working in MYOB Practice, you need to complete some setup tasks. This page gives you all the information you need to get up and running and learn all things you can do in MYOB Practice.

Accessing MYOB Practice

You can access MYOB Practice if you're an:

I'm an Accountants Enterprise/Accountants Office (AE/AO) user

You can access MYOB Practice from any device:

  • directly from your browser by visiting
  • by clicking the cloud on the toolbar of your MYOB AE/AO desktop software.

Before starting to use MYOB Practice, click the links below to set up your MYOB Practice.


Enable Contacts sync: By syncing your contacts, you can access and sync your client's contact data from MYOB AE/AO in MYOB Practice.

All about setting up MYOB Practice (AU and NZ).
Permissions settings for your MYOB Practice users.
Portals let you share documents securely and keep your clients up-to-date.
Tasks are requests for information or approval, and you assign them to your clients. Clients respond or give their approval using their client portal.
Storing documents in MYOB Practice is a powerful way to keep important client documents together and accessible from anywhere.
Transaction processing gives you an overview of the status of client files and lets you launch into more details, and create new files.
Practice information

I'm a Partner Program member (without AE/AO)

You can access MYOB Practice from any device at

As the primary contact, you’ll also be the Administrator, which means you can give others access to MYOB Practice if you want. Other users you invite will need to log in to with their own MYOB accounts.

Before starting to use MYOB Practice, there are some one-time setup tasks you'll need to do at a practice level.



Setup your clients and contacts and add their online files,
prepare activity statements.
Give and restrict access to your employees.
Set up all your portal, payment options for the MYOB files.
Setup your document profiles, and customize email preferences
Create MYOB online files or learn how to request access to clients' files.

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