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MYOB Essentials is online accounting software that’s accessed via an internet web browser. You don't need to worry about backing up your datait's always up to date in the cloud with highest levels of data security, just like internet banking.

With MYOB Essentials, you can:

  • Link your bank accounts—link your bank accounts to MYOB Essentials so you can automatically bring in transactions made on your bank and credit card accounts, and match them to your MYOB Essentials transactions. We call it bank feeds and it means you’ll spend less time entering data.
  • See a snapshot of your business—know what’s happening in your business using the MYOB Essentials Dashboard. See the latest transactions and invoice payments, money coming in and going out, who owes you money and who you owe money to, bank and credit card account details, linked bank account details and more—all from the one summary page.
  • Keep track of your GST and BAS (Australia)—always know the amount of GST you owe, and be reminded when your next tax return is due.
  • Manage invoices and expenses—use MYOB Essentials to send online invoices to customers, record expenses, and keep track of these payments. In Australia, your customer can also pay you online, straight from their invoices.
  • Access your accounts anywhere—log in to MYOB Essentials and access your accounts from anywhere with internet access. No need to back up your business information as it's safe in the cloud and always up to date.
  • Pay your employees—calculate wages, tax, leave, superannuation (Australia) or KiwiSaver (New Zealand) and any additions or deductions from your employees’ pay.

Each part of MYOB Essentials is described in one of the following sections:

Setting upComplete setup tasks before you start using MYOB Essentials.
The DashboardLearn about the MYOB Essentials Dashboard.
InvoicesManage your quotes, invoices, customer payments, customer returns and customer statements.
PurchasesManage your expenses, payments to suppliers and supplier returns.
BankingManage your bank and credit card accounts (link your bank and credit card accounts to MYOB Essentials, import statements, allocate and match transactions, and reconcile transactions).
ContactsManage your customers, suppliers and other business contacts.
PayrollCalculate and pay employee wages, superannuation and PAYG (Australia), or KiwiSaver and PAYE (New Zealand).
ReportsView reports for any area of your business.
ItemsManage the items you create for goods and services that your business buys, sells, hires or leases.
SettingsView and change the settings for your MYOB Essentials business.
MYOB Essentials for accounting advisorsLearn how to use MYOB Essentials if you’re an accounting advisor.

Internet outages

MYOB Essentials is accessed via a web browser, so if your internet is down you won't be able to use MYOB Essentials. In these cases contact your internet service provider and ask when things will be back to normal.

If there's ever any outages with our MYOB Essentials servers (it happened once, ages ago), we'll have an announcement about it on our community forum.

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