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Do not delete this page - MYOB Practice navigates to it from within the product

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In MYOB Practice you can see all documents that your practice has shared with clients, and the documents your clients have sent to the practice.

Documents can be published:

Track documents sent and received

You can view a list of all published and received files by clicking the Documents option in the top menu bar.

If you want to:

  • View a document: Click on a document name to view it, or click the Action button associated with a document and select Preview.
  • Download a document: Click the Action button associated with a document and select Download. The document can then be saved and/or opened in your PDF viewer.
  • Filter your documents: You can filter the list to show by document tag, client, or person who uploaded the document. The document count will refresh based on the filters you select.
  • View the any associated task: If a document is associated with a task, you'll be able to view the details of a task from the Documents page. Simply click the Action button associated with the document and select View task. Or you can click the task icon associated with the document.
  • Delete a document: Click the Action button associated with a document and select Delete Document. See Delete a document for more information.
  • Share a document: To share a document with a contributor, click the Action button associated with a document and select Share with contributor. See Share a document for more info.

Document counts

The Documents page shows you how many files have been sent and received, based on the filters that have been applied on the page (Client, Uploaded by or Tag). If you’re viewing documents for a client selected in My List, the count will show how many documents have been sent to them in tasks or published via MYOB AE/AO, and how many they’ve sent your practice.


Here’s a guide to the icons you’ll see in the Documents page:  

UI Expand
titleAssociated icons
Icons before the document name  
identifies the document as a PDF
identifies the document as an image file
identifies the document as a text file
Icons before the Action button
a task is associated with the document
this document has been shared with a contributor
 no iconthe document has no associated tasks 


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