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The Members tab displays current and former self-managed super fund (SMSF) members..

To add a Member
  1. Select a client on My List and click Corporate admin.
  2. Click the Members tab.
  3. Under Members, click Add member. The Search for member field appears.
  4. Enter the name of a contact to add as a member.
    Click Create new contact and fill in the details.

Members register

The Members register lists all current and former members and details, including:

  • the Start date, when the member was first appointed
  • the End date, where the member ceased
  • the Type of member — corporate or individual
  • the Address of the member.

To maintain an accurate history of members, you can add the details of former members as a historical entry.

To add a historical entry to the Members register
  1. Click Add historical entry located at the end of the Members register. The Search for member field appears.
  2. Enter the name of the member and click on their name to add,
    Click Create new contact, fill in their details and click Add member.