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You can voluntarily deregister your client's inactive company through Corporate admin.

ASIC charge a small application fee to voluntarily deregister a company. They will mail an invoice to the company's registered office address which must be paid before the deregistration can be processed.

Make sure the company meets all the requirements to deregister. If ASIC reject the application, they might not refund the application fee.

Once the application is approved, ASIC publish a notice about the deregistration in the Gazette. Two months after publishing the notice in the Gazette, ASIC deregister the company.

To apply for voluntary deregistration

If you want to make a change to a form you've already prepared, you have to prepare a new form.


  1. Select your client from the client sidebar.
  2. Click Corporate admin on the top menu bar and click Company forms on the top-right of the page.
  3. In the list of Company forms list, click Prepare form to the right of the appropriate form.
  4. Select the company to be deregistered, the date of signing and whether to the company is considered the applicant for deregistration.
  5. Select the signatories.

    You can select multiple signatories.

  6. Enter the details of the meeting held for the change of address.
  7. Read the terms and conditions then select I/WE accept the terms and conditions to accept.

    ASIC charge an application fee of $40.00 to voluntary deregister a company.

    An invoice will be sent to the company's registered office within 14 days of application. This fee must be paid before ASIC will process the deregistration. If payment is not received by the due date ASIC may cancel the deregistration.

  8. Click Create forms.
  9. Click the ellipsis button for the form you created and choose Send for signing via portal. The Create task page appears.

  10. Complete the details on the page.

    When you select the client, you can see the documents that will be sent as part of the change you've made. Use the Signature required option to indicate if any documents need signing.

  11. Click Create task for the selected client.