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We're improving MYOB Practice by revamping the way you do BAS! We're building the foundations for a more seamless experience online and will be upgrading BAS in October. To be part of the new experience, ensure you sync your contacts online before we make the switch. We've outlined some key information below to help you prepare for the upgrade. Like to sound of exploring a new online experience? Sign up to our Beta Program now!
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titleWhat's changing?

As part of our continuous improvements to MYOB Practice, we've revamped BAS and workflows to make it even simpler to lodge and manage your activity statements. 

We've updated our designs in-line with our online system. When you assign an agent to a client, the next time you create a new activity statement our system will automatically assign the correct agent/client to the form. We've also improved our BAS forms so that information is easier to find. We've improved the structure and grouping of our forms to make it easier to create, manage and lodge activity statements online. 

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titleWhat do I need to do to prepare for this upgrade?

To prepare for this upgrade, ensure you Sync your contacts online by October 2019. Once your contacts are synced, you're ready to become part of the new experience. We'll start the process of upgrading you to the new system in October. Any outstanding activity statements will be available in the old system. 

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titleI'm on desktop MYOB AE/AO. How do I sync my contacts?

Step by step instructions can be found on the Sync your contacts page. 

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titleCan I access outstanding and lodged activity statements after the upgrade?

All outstanding activity statements including unlodged, in progress, in review and those awaiting signatures can be accessed and lodged in the old system. Tip: Look out for the banner alert to be directed to your outstanding activity statements. <screenshot to be added>

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titleThe BAS status in transaction processing doesn't look correct. What's happened?

If you're viewing activity statements through Transaction Processing, you may notice the number of 'In Progress' BAS might not match. During the upgrade transition, Transaction Processing will only reflect the outstanding activity statements lodged in the new system. You can access the rest of your outstanding activity statements in the old system (see: 'Can I access outstanding and lodged activity statements after the upgrade?').

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titleWhere do I create or lodge new activity statements?

From October 2019, you can create and lodge new activity statements instantly. Simply log in as usual and the upgraded BAS forms and workflow will be available to use. Click 'Create Compliance' on the top right-hand corner and follow the on-screen prompts. 

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titleDo I need to migrate agent settings?

No. Your existing agent settings will be migrated along with the upgrade. 

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titleShould I expect some down time?

There should be no downtime as the upgrade will happen in the background. Our team will be monitoring the upgrade closely to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 

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titleI can't see the new system, help!

Can't see anything new? Contact support for further assistance. <NOTE: Kim to follow up cache with Lisa>

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titleI love online! How can I get more involved?

You can join our Beta program and be one of the first to try new features. Send us your expression of interest through the form and help us improve our product with your feedback. Note: Sync your contacts to take part in the Beta programs.