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See it in action with a free online course in MYOB Academy.

In this course, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a new entity within Corporate Admin and the time your practice will save by following this workflow.

MYOB Practice lets you create, establish and register new entities:

When you establish a trust or SMSF, we'll also provide you with an electronic copy of the legal documents you need to finalise the establishment:

Company documentsDiscretionary trustSMSF

 Registration certificate

Company constitution

Consent to act as a director

Consent to act as a secretary

Consent to act as a public officer

 Directors' first minutes of meeting

Copy of the company's Application for registration as an Australian company (form 201)

Share certificate

Trust deed

Trustee's consent to act

 Appointor's consent to act

 Settlor's notice

  Trustees' first minutes of meeting

SMSF trust deed

 Trustee's consent to act

  Letter to new trustees

 Members application (schedule 2)

 Notice to new members

 Trustees' first minutes of meeting