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Agent lodgements is where you prepare and track the status of all your registered agent (RA) forms.

Click Prepare form on the top-right of the screen to prepare an RA form.

OutstandingShows all outstanding RA forms and requests. Includes forms under review and requiring action.
Under reviewShows RA forms lodged, and waiting for ASIC to action.
Requires actionShows RA72 forms received from ASIC. These forms require you to review and reconcile the company's ASIC records to your own records.
RejectedShows forms rejected by ASIC. Click the ellipses button and choose View error for information on why the form was rejected.

Shows all reconciled RA72 forms and requests actioned by ASIC. If you've requested a report or company data, you can download it by clicking the ellipses button and choosing Download documents.

See Registered agent forms - AU for a list of available registered agent forms in MYOB Practice.