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RA71/72 - Request for Electronic Data Download

You can this form to request a company's data from ASIC to compare it with your MYOB Practice data.

When you nominate yourself as the registered agent for a client by lodging a Form 362 - Appointment or cessation of a registered agent, we'll automatically lodge an RA 71 - Request for company details on your behalf.

If you need to request another annual statement, you can also use this form. But you can only re-request statements where it was issued electronically in the last 60 days by ASIC.

ASIC will issue an RA72 report in response to your request. This report contains the company's:

  • registration details
  • registered and business address
  • ultimate holding company
  • current officers
  • current shareholders and their holding details.
To request company data
  1. Select All Clients in the clients panel and click Corporate Admin on the top-menu bar.

  2. Click the Agent lodgements.
  3. Click Prepare form.
  4. Locate in the forms list and click Prepare form on the right.

  5. Enter the name of the company you want to request details for.

  6. Select the type of form you want to lodge.

    Data downloadData download
    Company statement

    Requests a PDF copy of the company statement extract from ASIC.

    Reissue of annual statementRequest last annual statement. This statement is received electronically and can be re-requested up to one month after the review date of the company.
  7. Select I hereby declare that I am authorised to request this report.

  8. Click Create task
To compare your ASIC and MYOB company data
  1. From the Agent lodgements view, click the ellipses button for the RA72, and choose View comparison report. The Data comparison page appears.

  2. Compare the data in the ASIC database column against the data in the MYOB database column. We've added a status column to help speed things up:


    The company details in MYOB Practice matches the data on ASIC's records.

    The company details in MYOB Practice is different to the data on ASIC's records.