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Manage all clients from your practice-centric ASIC view.

Add company
Company nominates registered agentForm 362 - Nomination by a company to appoint or cease a registered agent
Agent reports and actions
Withdraw company registration

RA50 – Request withdrawal of form 201

Reprint registration certificateRA51 – Request reprint of registration certificate
Request an account transaction listingRA52/57 – Request account transaction listing
Request a review date reportRA61/62 – Review date report
Request a debt report for one or all companiesRA63/64 – Request for Individual Company Debt Report / RA 67/68 – Request Company Debt Report
Request a documents lodged reportRA65/66 – Request Documents Lodged Report
Download company data or re-request annual statementRA 71/72 – Request for electronic data download
Remove company
Resign as agentForm 361 – Notification of a registered agent ceasing to act for a company
Deregister a companyForm 6010 – Application for voluntary deregistration of a company
To access agent forms

To access an agent form

Need to make a change to a company?

See Managing a company for information on accessing and preparing company forms.

  1. Select All clients and click Corporate admin on the top menu bar. The Client lodgements page appears.
  2. Click Agent lodgements on the secondary navigation menu. The Agent lodgements page appears.
  3. Click Prepare form at the top right of the page.
  4. Click Prepare form next to the form to be prepared.