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If you need to import data into AccountRight but you're not sure where to start, it's easy to create an import template. All you need to do is export the same type of information from AccountRight's sample company file - and there's your template.

Then all you need to do is open the export file in Excel, modify the contents, then import it into your company file.

OK, let's step you through the basics.


To use an import template

To use an import template 

  1. Open AccountRight's sample company file.

  2. Export the type of information you need for your template, such as customer information.

    We recommend that you include Headers as labels to easily identify the data when you open the text file.

  3. Open the exported file in Microsoft Excel. This is your template. Notice in our example, the first cell contains parentheses (brackets) - these need to remain.

    If you included Headers, the second row (beneath the row with the brackets) is labeled so you can easily work out what type of information is displayed in each column.

  4. Replace the Clearwater data with your information to be imported. Remember to leave the brackets on the first row, and the headings on the second row.

  5. Save this as a text file, and give the file a meaningful name, such as "Customer import" or similar.
  6. Then, import the data into your company file.