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There's lots of things you can print from AccountRight including invoices, reports and customer statements. In fact, there's not much you can't print. All you need is a printer and AccountRight does the rest.

Have you personalised your forms? When printing certain document types, like invoices, you'll be able to choose your personalised form. You can also set a default form to print and email.

How to print

To print...See
Transactions (when recording)Sending forms when you record a transaction
Transactions (after recording)Sending forms in a batch
StatementsSend customer statements
ReportsPrinting, saving and sending a report
Pay slips (Australia only)Print or email pay slips

Troubleshooting printing

If you're trying to print from AccountRight and nothing happens, or you get an error, there's a simple test to help identify your issue. The test uses Microsoft XPS Document Writer, a default Windows program which works like a printer, but which creates a file (like a PDF) of your document, instead of printing it.

Here's what to do:

  1. In AccountRight, click Print to try to print something.
  2. When prompted to choose a printer, choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  3. Click Print. What happens?

    If this happensIt meansTry this
    You're prompted to specify where to save the fileAccountRight is successfully sending the print job, but your printer can't process it.Go to the printer manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for your printer model and Windows version. They will also provide installation instructions.
    Nothing happens, or an error displaysYour printing issue is likely caused by another program on your computer which is stopping the AccountRight print job from reaching your printer.

    You might need help from an IT person to fix your issue, as it might need some techy investigation.

    You can try temporarily disabling all antivirus and security software on your computer, then attempt to print again. If printing works, it means your issue is with the disabled program. If the issue persists, try shutting down other open programs (except AccountRight) to see if this identifies which program is interfering with the print job.