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The labels at Item 58 Statement of distribution are completed for each beneficiary directly.

When there is income to distribute in a trust, first you'll see the income showing under the Income to which no beneficiary is presently entitled until you've added a beneficiary.

The Income to which no beneficiary is presently entitled will not appear if:  

  • if you've selected Special disability trust - 203 on the Type of trust field.
  • the trust has an overall loss
  • the income amounts are fully allocated to beneficiaries.

Distributing income and credits to beneficiaries presently entitled

If you need to add a beneficiary click Add beneficiary and complete the details.

The amounts showing in the Available balance field integrate from the corresponding labels such as Primary Production, Non-Primary Production, Franked Distributions, Capital Gains, Attributed foreign income and Other foreign income, and any credits that have been entered in the trust return.

If you've completed item 57 Income of the trust estate, that amount will popluate label W.

To distribute the amounts, either

  • enter a number in the Distribution percentage field or
  • enter the amount directly in the Beneficiary share field.

Using distribution percentage

  • If you use the distribution percentage, you can edit the amount by clicking the little pen icon in the Beneficiary share field.

Entering the amount in the Beneficiary share

  • To manually distribute, enter the amounts in the Beneficiary share field.