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If you're moving from AccountRight v19 to AccountRight 2016, this information is for you. If you're updating AccountRight 2011 or later,check out 'Getting the latest version' instead. To check your current AccountRight version, go to the Help menu and choose About AccountRight.

Before upgrading from AccountRight Classic (v19 or earlier), here are some things to note:

Make sure

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You need an AccountRight subscription to upgrade

If you don't have a subscription, you'll need one before you can upgrade. Subscribe now.

If you're already have a subscription and want to know how many files you can put online, see here.

Check if you can upgrade

If you use these features in your Classic AccountRight (v19 or earlier) software, you won't be able to upgrade to the new AccountRight as these features aren't available in the new AccountRight:

  • M-Powered Payments

  • negative inventory

  • add-ons that require ODBC. Are your add-ons compatible? Check the add-on centre (Australia | New Zealand) or contact the add-on provider to check if the add-on can work with the new AccountRight.

For more information, see We can't upgrade some Premier files.

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Can't upgrade and need to be compliant for Single Touch Payroll (STP)? If you can't upgrade because you use M-Powered Payments or negative inventory, we've worked with the ATO and you've been granted a deferral from STP.

 If you can upgrade here are some things to check first

Check ifMore information
your computer can run the new AccountRight
. (

Check the full system requirements.

Image RemovedIf the

the size of your file is 300MB or moreIf your file is 300MB or more in size, you should prepare your company file for the new AccountRight . This can help the upgrade complete faster and smoother.
the file you want to upgrade is located in a C:\Program Files subfolder
, you’ll
You’ll need to log on to your computer as an administrator before you can upgrade it.
For tips on how to find
your file
  • To comply with PCI Data Security Standards, you'll only be able to view the last four digits of any credit card numbers in your upgraded file, and card expiry dates won't be retained.
  • If
    the file you want to upgrade, see How to find your file.
    you have customised reports
    , you

    You'll need to recreate them in the new software version.


     The good news is we've

    significantly improved the reports customisation tools in AccountRight, making this task a lot easier.
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    If you were using the following Classic AccountRight features, you might not be able to upgrade just yet because these features aren't available in the new AccountRight:

    • M-Powered Payments
    • multi-currency, negative inventory or multi-location stock tracking
    • add-ons that require ODBC. Are your add-ons compatible?

    If your file won't be stored online

    • If your file is 100MB or more in size, there are a couple of things you should do in your Classic AccountRight software first. This can help the upgrade complete faster and smoother.
    • If you've linked pictures to cards or item records, note that pictures over 200KB in size won't be imported into your upgraded file.
    • Make sure your card and item pictures are saved in a subfolder called Graphics, in the same location as the file you're upgrading. For example, if the file you're upgrading is located at C:\Plus19, make sure the pictures are in C:\Plus19\Graphics.

    After you've upgraded

    There may be a few more things you need to do, depending on the features you use. Head over to our Additional upgrade tasks page for all the details.


    made customising reports easier. See Customising reports.

    Your customised forms can be migrated into the new AccountRight after the upgrade - so you won't need to customise them again.

    you can find the file you want to upgrade.See Find the file you want to upgrade for tips.


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    titleYou can work online or offline – it's your choice

    If you upgradeonline, you still get to choose how you work day to day. You can either:

    • work online, so you can work with others on your company file. For example, your accountant can log on and run reports without interrupting your work.
    • work offline (check out your file) so you can keep working if you won't have access to the internet for a while. Or, you might prefer to work offline and go back online only when you want your accountant to access your file. AccountRight gives you that flexibility. 

    Switching between working online and offline is pretty easy:

    check out and check back inImage Added

    But if you really can't or don't want to work online at all, you can upgrade your file without putting it online.

    If you:

    • don't want online access
    • don't have an internet connection, or it's very slow
    • don't have a subscription for an online file
    • or if you operate on a network

    you can upgrade the file without putting it online — but this means you won't have access to key features. You can still put your company file online later if you change your mind.

    What's different in the new AccountRight?

    Upgrading AccountRight made easy free eLearningImage Added

    Ready to upgrade?

    You can send your company file to us and we'll do the upgrade for you.

    See Upgrade to the new AccountRight.

    After you've upgraded

    After you open your upgraded company file, you may need to set up a few features again, depending on what features you use. See Complete your upgrade tasks for all the details.

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