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If you're upgrading from AccountRight 2011 or later, these steps aren't for you – check out 'Getting the latest version' instead.

What's new

AccountRight has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it work online. 

You can connect to your bank, put your file in the cloud, hook up your data to a range of powerful add-ons, and enter invoices and take payments online. And that's just the beginning.

Take a look at our fun and interactive guide (on the right) for all the details, or see our What's new for v19 users help page.

Choose your country: Australia | New Zealand


Before you begin

Check our list of things you should know before upgrading, and complete any tasks that apply to you.

If you were using the following Classic AccountRight features, you might not be able to upgrade just yet because these features aren't available in the new AccountRight:

  • M-Powered Payments
  • multi-currency, negative inventory or multi-location stock tracking
  • add-ons that require ODBC. Are your add-ons compatible?

If you haven't already done so, you need to install the latest version of AccountRight.


Let's do it

Now you can upgrade your file. We'll even put it online for you at the same time. If you don't want your file online, you can choose to upgrade the file without putting it online.

Upgrades usually take a couple of hours (depending on your company file size), and you can't make changes to your file during this time, so you should do it outside of business hours. 

  1. Start AccountRight (look for the new AR shortcut icon on your desktop or in the Start menu).
  2. When the Welcome window appears, click Upgrade a company file.
  3. Click Continue and then click Browse to locate and select the file you want to upgrade

    Can't find your file? Try looking in your AccountRight v19 installation folder, like c:\Plus19 or c:\Premier19. Look for a file with a .myo or .prm. extension.

  4. If the file you're upgrading is password-protected, type in the password and click Continue.

  5. Log in to AccountRight Live with your MYOB account details and then click Upload.
    Once your file has uploaded, you can close AccountRight while we do the rest. 
  6. We'll email you when the upgrade's complete, or if we come across any issues along the way.


Post upgrade tasks

Depending on the features you want to use, there may be a few more things you need to do after upgrading. Don’t stress though, you only need to do them once. 

And if you need any help along the way, feel free to contact us.