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Ready, set... download!

If your computer meets the recommended system requirements, you're ready to go. If you'll be using AccountRight in a network, see Set up a network. If you're already using AccountRight and you're looking for the latest version, see Getting the latest version.

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We recommend you use Google Chrome to download the installation file (download Chrome here). We've seen cases where other browsers, like Internet Explorer, can affect the file extension of downloaded files. What browser am I currently using?

  1. Right-click Download and choose Save link as or Save target as to save the installation file to your computer (an AccountRight subscription is required or you've been invited to access an online file).

    DescriptionDownload AccountRight

  2. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.

  3. Once AccountRight is installed, you'll see a shortcut icon for AccountRight on your desktop. You can then delete the installation file.

  4. If you no longer need a previous AccountRight version you can uninstall it.
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Looking for other installers? To download an installer for an older version, the Server Edition or the MSI installer see our software download page.

Having trouble installing AccountRight?

Some antivirus software can interrupt software installation. If you have issues installing, try temporarily disabling your antivirus software and enable it again after installing. If you need some more installation help, see Installation troubleshooting.

Who can use AccountRight?

You can use the latest AccountRight version to enter data if you:

  • have been invited to access an online company file (learn more about accepting an invitation), or

  • want to trial AccountRight or you need it for study purposes (learn more).

If you don't have an AccountRight subscription, company files you create or upgrade in the latest AccountRight version will become read-only after 30 days.

If you're already using AccountRight, you can check the version in the Welcome window that appears when you start AccountRight. The AccountRight shortcut on your desktop also contains the version number.


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For information about the latest AccountRight version, see Getting the latest version.

How to install AccountRight

How you install AccountRight depends on where you bought it. Here’s how to get started.

Bought online?

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If you purchase AccountRight from the MYOB website, you'll be prompted to download an installer file that will take care of the installation for you.

While AccountRight installs, you’ll enter some basic information about your business, like your contact details, and when installation is complete, you’ll have a company file ready for you to use.

If you can’t find the installer file, see the email MYOB sent you after purchasing AccountRight. The email has a link to the installer and more details on how to install AccountRight.

Bought from a retail store?

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If you purchased a point-of-sale activation (POSA) card from a retail store, you need to redeem your redemption code online and register your business details. This also registers you as the owner of your AccountRight software.

You’ll be guided through the installation and setup of your company file. The card has more instructions on how to get started.

Note that redemption codes are not the same as a serial number and have a different format:

  • a serial number has 12 numbers

  • a redemption code has 15 characters with a mix of letters and numbers.

Have an installation disc?

<center><h1 style="font-size:600%"><i class="fa fa-circle-o" aria-hidden="true"></i></h1></center>

When you insert the AccountRight disc, a window will appear with instructions on how to install your software.

Downloaded from my.MYOB or the MYOB website?

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Right-click the Download link on the website and choose to save the file to your computer (it'll be a .exe file).

If you downloaded the installer to your desktop, it will look similar to this:

Double-click the file and you’ll be guided through the installation.

Updating AccountRight on multiple computers

If you work on a company file on more than one computer, ensure you install updates on each computer before upgrading your company file.

Using AccountRight in a network? See Set up a network or Updating an AccountRight network.


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Want to install AccountRight on a new PC? See our guide on how to set up AccountRight on a new computer.

<h2><i class="fa fa-comments"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Installation FAQs</h2><br>
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titleIs there a different installer for AccountRight Basics, Standard, Plus and Premier?

Is there a different installer for AccountRight Basics, Standard, Plus and Premier?

No, it's the same installer. It's the company file that determines which AccountRight product and features you'll have access to.

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titleWhat if I'm having trouble installing AccountRight?

What if I'm having trouble installing AccountRight?

If you're getting an error or experiencing another issue when installing AccountRight, see Installation troubleshooting

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titleCan I install AccountRight on a Mac?

Can I install AccountRight on a Mac?

AccountRight is designed for use on the Windows operating system. Consider using MYOB AccountEdge which is designed for the Mac, or MYOB Essentials which runs in a web browser and can be used on both on Windows and Mac.

If you want to install AccountRight on an Apple Mac, you'll need to install Windows on your Mac first. You can do this using Boot Camp (a Mac utility that allows you to install other operating systems) or virtual software such as Parallels or WMware. Note that running AccountRight on virtual software may affect performance and speed. And while many users report a good experience, it's not tested or supported by MYOB.

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AccountRight 2020.4.2 onwards You can now work on an AccountRight file in a web browser. This means that if you work in Mac OS environment, you just need a browser to access your online company file. See Access an AccountRight company file in a web browser.

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titleHow do I install AccountRight on multiple computers in my office?

How do I install AccountRight on multiple computers in my office?

If you need to install AccountRight on multiple computers, you can copy the installation file to a portable storage device, like a USB drive, and use it on multiple computers.

If you want to host your company files on a network server, rather than online, see the recommended network setup procedure.

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titleHow do I uninstall AccountRight?

How do I uninstall AccountRight?

When you uninstall AccountRight, only the software is removed. Your company files and customised templates are not affected.

To uninstall AccountRight:

  1. Access the list of programs that are installed on your computer.

    If you're using

    Do this

    Windows 10

    Right-click the Windows Start button and choose Apps and Features.

    Windows 8

    Right-click in the screen's bottom-left corner and choose Programs and Features.

    Windows 7

    Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel then choose Programs and Features.

  2. Click the AccountRight software you want to uninstall then click Uninstall. In some Windows versions this may appear as Change/Uninstall.

  3. Click through any confirmation windows, and click Yes to wanting to completely remove the selected application and all of its components.

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titleHow do I download an older version of AccountRight

How do I download an older version of AccountRight?

To download older AccountRight versions, visit

Need a helping hand?

Try our Installation troubleshooting guide, or contact us.

What's next?

After installing AccountRight, you can create a company file to start entering your business data (or start using one that you've been invited to). See New to AccountRight? Start here.

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