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The Organisation tab provides you with detailed information on the entity. Each entity type provides a different set of information.

Entity type 
  • General details like the company name as on ASIC records, company type, class and sub-class, the ACN and ABN.
  • Registration details including where and when the company was registered, and if it's still registered.
  • Address details including the business address, registered address and if the company is sole occupier of the registered address.
  • Trust details like the establishment date and vesting date,
  • Establishment details including the appointor, settlor and settlement sum.
  • Address details containing the current business address.
  • SMSF details
  • Establishment details
  • Address details containing the current business address.

To edit current details

Trusts and SMSF only

Companies must lodge an ASIC form to update the company's organisation details.

If the company details on ASIC's records are correct, lodge an RA71 to update your records, with the information on ASIC's records.


  1. Select your company from My List and click Corporate admin on the top menu bar. The client's Corporate admin page opens with the Overview tab active.
  2. Click the Organisation tab.
  3. Click Edit detail in the top right corner of the organisation details. The fields become editable.
  4. Make the necessary changes, then click Save.
To view past changes to organisation details

Click the entity name in the first column of the Organisation change register. The View more details window appears.

This window displays all organisation details before the change occurred, as well as what's changed and when.

To download a report on all changes to organisation details

The Organisation details report is a PDF report that shows all changes to the entity's details. This report is split into two sections — current and former details.

  1. Click Download report (PDF) located on the top-right of the Organisation tab. A list of available reports displays.
  2. Click either:
    Organisation details to download a report on changes made to the entity details only.
    All company details to download a report on all past and present organisation details, officer and shareholder changes, and charges.